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What is Addiction ?

The Cognitive Connection sees addiction as an illness that affects individuals and families as well as society as a whole.

It is our goal for clients and their families to understand that addiction is a disease, to show them the paths to recovery, and to enable them to live sober, happy, and meaningful lives with the tools we teach them in our prevention and treatment programs.


We accomplish this through the use of recovery model substance use treatment, cognitive skills training, and relationship building aimed at helping each person understand their own self-worth.

Accessing treatment services is as simple as calling and scheduling an appointment at The Cognitive Connection, Suite 100, 929 15th St NE, Hickory, NC 28601. Phone 828-327-6026.

For more information on drugs, alcohol, addiction, mental health, local resources and for advice on how to talk to your friends please go to the Web Links page in the site menu. 



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