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Substance Use

Treatment Services

Who we work with.

We accept any client seeking help with drug or alcohol problems.  Many of our substance use services are paid for by grants.  For services not covered by grants, we offer a sliding scale fee and will set up a payment schedule.  We also accept Medicaid.  We accept DWI, court, family, self, doctor, social worker and probation referrals.  We have a commitment to work with people who desire help with addiction and substance use issues.

  • Assessments


All treatment services begin with an evaluation to determine a substance use problem.  This assessment helps formulate treatment recommendations, as well as to determine the extent and severity of the problem.  This will be provided by a qualified, experienced substance use counselor.  The assessment duration can last from one to two hours.


  • Regular Outpatient Services


Our regular outpatient substance use groups consist of twenty to sixty hours of substance use counseling, education, and relapse prevention.


  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment


This program is a ninety hour substance use counseling program for clients addicted to drugs that have tried treatment before, or need extensive support to remain sober.  This program is facilitated three days a week and is administered by our most experienced counselors.  This program is an excellent alternative to expensive hospitalization.


  • Group Therapy


We offer gender specific treatment groups, mixed treatment groups, adolescent treatment groups and children/adolescent prevention groups and activities.


  • Individual and Family Counseling


Addiction is a family disease, and needs to be treated as such whenever possible.  We offer individual and family counseling as needed and have several counselors experienced working with individuals, families and clients who also have a mental health diagnosis.


  • Suboxone Treatment


This program offers consumers addicted to heroin, methadone or prescription painkiller the ability to detox without pain or expensive inpatient hospitalization using the drug Suboxone. Suboxone also reduces the cravings for opioid drugs while the individual learns to live a drug-free life by attending treatment and slowly decreasing the dosage of Suboxone being taken.


  • Referrals


When it is needed we have the ability to refer to inpatient substance use treatment, detox, and a wide range of mental health and social services.


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